Things heated up while in graduate school. We all had to produce work quickly so the faculty could  have something to discuss in their frequent studio visits. My studio was located in an old army barracks that had been outfitted with a kitchenette complete with a washer/dryer. Handy – I hung clotheslines in my studio and often they were filled when the surprise “crits” happened. No surprise, the faculty would give a spontaneous “crit” to the hanging laundry, assuming that it was part of my work. I mean, I used many unusual things in my work but not laundry. I wondered if they would have done the same if I was a male student? At this time I produced a kind of melange of my origins in wood carving mixed with objects and also full-blown all found-object assemblage pieces.


what you bump into

Still Life, After All These Years

full & detail views

Fir, half-moon table, fabric, found objects

34”h x 36”w x 30”d

Paper Doll

front, detail & back views

Pine, magazine table, Plexiglas, found objects

40”h x 45”w x 36”d

Triptych I: ...Next to Godliness

full & detail views

Tile, glass, found objects

72”h x 52”w x 22”d


front view

Pine, high chair, vinyl tablecloth, found objects

70”h x 34”w x 27”d


front, detail & back views

Podium, fabric,

found objects

54”h x 20”w x 16”d

Honey, Could You Press Something For Me?

full & detail views

Ironing boards, clothespins, drying forms,

found objects

78”h x 96”w x 40”d

Triptych II: All the Comforts of Home

full & detail views

Construction materials, found objects

84”h x 48”w x 40”d

Garden Tool

front view

Wood, found objects

72”h x 17”w x 17”d


full & detail views

Plastic found objects, card table

30”h x 30”w x 36”d

Madonna and Child

full & detail views

Metal found objects, dolls’ eyes

66”h x 52”w x 44”d

Heritage: Civilization and the Shoes

full & two (of five) detail views

Plywood, found objects

30”h x 132”w x 19”d

Triptych III: American Beauty

full & detail views

Found objects

90”h x 36”w x 26”d

Industrial Revolution

full & detail views

Found objects

60”h x 64”w x 30”d

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