Priorities shift, ideas alter, impending shows become great motivators. I had discovered found objects several years before, but now I disregarded the wood carving altogether. I moved, in a blink, from the Northern European sculptural tradition of wood carving to Duchamp. Artifacts of mass-produced gewgaws became readymades of social commentary. Many of the objects could almost stand alone as a form of kitsch art, but my idea was to build on them, include them in something bigger than themselves, elevate them into a context that commented on them and something more – poking at some cultural institutions, so many of them harming women. The titles, too, became more “in your face.”


what you bump into


front & over views

Polyester resin, straw, metal armature, inflatable plastic doll

27”h x 42”w x 22”d

And Eat It Too

full & detail views

Found objects

27”h x 16”w x 16”d


full view

Found objects

13”h x 20”w x 13”d


Life is a Series of Man

and Car Troubles

full & detail views

Collaged images, Plexiglas, Masonite,

car battery, tubing

19”h x 34”w x 8”d

American Dream

full & detail views

Sewing stand, found objects

31”h x 39”w x 17”d

The Pope’s Running Shoe

front, side & back views

Found objects

17”h x 12”w x 5”d

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