Already, you can see other materials creeping in. The point was to mix up reality a bit. It’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come.


Wood is the first material I worked with. In true atelier fashion, I also tried stone, and experimented with processes such as casting and welding. I never cared much for wet materials like clay or even plaster. Polyester resin was like a miracle but a potentially deadly one, so I stopped using it. I guess you could say that I preferred, at this time, carving (subtraction) rather than forming (addition). The irony is that it was difficult to obtain substantial chunks of wood to carve, so larger pieces required lamination (stacking and gluing), forcing me to form then carve. So, you could say that I did both addition and subtraction simultaneously.

what you bump into


front & back views

Redwood, pine

40”h x 18”w x 8”d

a sampling of wood works


front & over views

Redwood, rocking chair, fabric

37”h x 54”w x 24”d


front & back views


11”h x 18”w x 10”d

Second Gear

front view

Walnut, leather, gearshift

13”h x 16”w x 16”d


front, rear & detail views

Walnut, fabric, resin

36”h x 24”w x 17”d

  Probasco Haus Press